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This game is my first project during my studies at the university of applied science Salzburg

As the name suggests, Tetrix is a modified version of the classical Tetris. In Tetrix you try to place your pieces on each side of the core in the middle. As in Tetris, 7 different shapes are available. If you have managed to fill all sides, overriding blocks will be replaced.

How to play:
You can either play with the keyboard or with a game pad. The control is explained in the game. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible. You can do that by destroying bricks. You receive 5 points for every brick you destroy. If you have filled the corner spots as well, the points are multiplied by the number of filled corners. If you have destroyed enough bricks, you will enter the next level and the board will be cleaned. In addition, the speed of the blocks coming from above also changes.

Game over:
The game can only be lost by one condition. In the game you can see a red marker. This marker indicates where the field starts and ends. If you touch the marker with a building brick, be it by building block placement or by movement, the game is lost and must start again.

To ensure comparability with other players, the game includes a global high score list. If there is no internet connection, a local score is included. With this one you will always see your highest score.


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